Layman Lessons Christian Church Ministries Creed

January 2003  (Founder, Director, Servant Leader Louie E. Johnston Jr.)

We believe in the one and only God, defined as Omnipotent, Omniscient, Omnipresent, Omnibenevolent, Alpha and Omega, Infinite, Perfect, Creator and Sustainer of all life, who either causes or permits all circumstances, who creates all things for His purposes and pleasure, whose Miracles (Public Display of God’s Power), Multiple Manifestations (in any form he chooses) to reveal Himself, who is Spirit, include Pillars of Fire by night, Pillars of Clouds by day, a Burning Bush, a Human figure protecting innocent followers in a Fiery Furnace, as God and Man Jesus Christ, The Holy Spirit descending “like a Dove”, an audible human voice saying “this is my Son in whom I am well pleased”, an audible animal voice through Balaam’s donkey, a detached hand, writing on the walls of a King’s palace, and even through Mankind, all of which were documented with God’s Mercies, Relationships, Prayers, Promises, Punishment, and Procedures, all passed from generation to generation, the Logos and Law from the one and only Living God, establishing Divine Rule of Christian Faith and Practice, documented and compiled without error, in perpetuity, for eternity, in The Holy Bible.

We believe God the Father, Creator and Sustainer of all life,  Jesus Christ as the only earth born son of God, whose birth established universally accepted time on planet earth, and The Holy Spirit sent forth from God at His pleasure, are the only worthy and proper objects of human religious Praise and Worship, and in regularly assemblies of believers as congregations to Worship.

We believe God the Father’s Holy Spirit is imparted with God’s specific plan for every human life at conception, that God creates every human Soul at conception, which consists of the human Mind, Will, and Emotions, that the Soul (Mind, Will, Emotions) dies with the body, and that the Spirit immediately returns to God for eternity.  The Holy Spirit is imparted a second time and recreates a new life in Christ at conception during the salvation experience when a person is “born again”, through the Holy Spirit.

We believe that God made a way for sinful man to have personal, individual, and direct relationship with God, through the Lord Jesus Christ, who by His Virgin Birth, voluntary suffering and death on the cross, paid in full the penalty for all eternity for all past, present, and future sin of all mankind, making atonement for the whole world so that whosoever will call upon God to be saved, may be saved, from eternal hell and to receive a new life of the highest possible quality, from the moment of acceptance and commitment through eternity.

We believe that Repentance (Hating and Renouncing of sin, then walking away from sin towards God), Faith (our actions demonstrating belief, trust, commitment, and confidence in our unseen Lord Jesus Christ) and Regeneration (becoming a new creature through acceptance of and obedience to Christ) by the Holy Spirit are necessary to receive the free gift of salvation.

We believe that we are justified before God solely by His Mercy and Grace, through our living our faith in our Lord Jesus Christ, who alone justified us with His shed blood as the final sacrifice required for sin.  We follow the examples of Jesus Christ in Baptism by full immersion in water, observing “The Lord’s Supper”, and fulfillment of the law of Moses, and The Bible.

We believe that God’s Word, The Holy Bible, contains God’s Covenant (Contract with Man), including all Terms and Conditions for mankind to comply with, in order to receive the Promises of God documented therein.  Continuance in a state of salvation depends upon continued obedience through faith in Christ as a demonstrated lifestyle, in pursuit of Holiness unto God, while recognizing all humans sin in thought, word, deed, both sins of commission and sins of omission, that occasional sin is not a lifestyle pursuit.  We believe Galatians 5 which states those whose lifestyle pursuit consistently exhibits the sinful nature described will not inherit the kingdom of God, and that this instruction was given to the Church, whose members had received the gift of salvation, warning the Church members accordingly.

We believe that it is the privilege of all believers to be wholly sanctified, and that their whole spirit and soul and body may be preserved blameless unto the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.

We believe “The Church” is defined as “a group of people called together for a special purpose”, not as an organization, doctrine, or Campus of  buildings, but as a living organism, with all Christians on planet earth being equal members of “The Church”, as God is “no respecter of persons”, with The Bible in its entirety, and the Holy Spirit, as the sole and superior authorities of The Church, leading every Church Member directly in a direct personal relationship of service to God, as Friends and Family of God.  Members of any local Church are members of “The Church” at large, thus members of any Church may serve in and/or through multiple local “Churches”, as led by the Spirit of God alone.  Thus Laymen do the work of The Church under direct calling and supervision of The Holy Spirit.

We believe that no man, group of men, or organization has spiritual superiority, position, or title that gives anyone authority that belongs to Jesus Christ alone, as Lord and Savior over any other Christian man, group of men, or organization in the body of Christ (The Church at large), as each and every member of the body are equal as “body parts”, brought together to work together for the maximum efficient functioning of the body to do the work of God on earth, as God determines and reveals through His Holy Spirit directly to every man individually. 

We believe every Christian man must study God’s Word personally to become a Disciple of Jesus Christ alone, with a direct, personal, ongoing relationship, without interference or distraction.

We believe man’s mission from God, and the “Plan for our Peace”, is stated in Isaiah 58:6-8 and Matthew 25:37-40,  To Feed the Hungry, Clothe the Naked, Shelter the Homeless, Spread the Gospel, Make Disciples, Care for Widows and Orphans (the poor and deficient).  Further confirmation is Luke 14:12; Matthew 25:37-40; James 1 and 2, and some 1,300 References in The Bible to Feeding the Hungry and Clothing the Naked.  God’s work is the Layman’s Mission.  Every Layman is commanded to perform God’s work and agenda only, as led directly by the Holy Spirit.

We believe that everything we possess belongs to God, thus the tithe of our increase, whenever we receive increase, is a minimum amount to return to God as our love gift for HIS work, but also that 100% of all tithes every third year are to go directly to provide food for the poor and needy in our own local towns, as stated in Deuteronomy 26:12.  We believe this passage of scripture should always be equal with Malachi 3:10, which also confirms the purpose of the tithe is “so there will be meat in my storehouses”, for those poor and needy, widows, orphans, aliens, who are unable to provide for themselves.