Campus of Hope ​- FOR ​” Any City ​”​ , USA!


God Jehovah commands HIS blessed people to provide for needs of those in need.
Jesus Christ mandates we Feed, Clothe, Shelter, Train, Minister to the poor, sick, imprisoned.
Are these commands something we do, or something we ignore or pay lip service to avoid obeying God and our Lord Jesus Christ?

The “Campus of Hope” provides Christian love and dignity for the truly poor and needy, life-saving shelter, clothing, food, showers, grooming items for the homeless, but also provides practical and spiritual training to spark hope for their future. The impact of Christian love to those who have absolutely nothing to offer in return is a major encouragement that somebody does indeed care.

God gave me this vision on our website since 2001. This “Condominium Concept” where many PROVEN Christian Ministries share a huge property together to serve alongside each other in THE Model of Christian love and Compassion that Christ expects “The Church” to be, as Salt and Light to the world in HIS honor.

I envision Layman Lessons Church Ministries uniting with dozens of ministries, like Men of Valor prison ministries my good friend Carl Carlson founded and directed until his death, Sophia’s Heart transitional housing ministries, Christian Counseling services, Faith Based Family Medical Center, Life Skills Training by area Christian Employers who will provide jobs after training, all of us binding together to share a property so the bulk of their individual ministries funding is for their individual services provided for those in greatest need or at greatest risk.
My vision is for a property like a multi acre former school, hospital, office facility as a “Campus of Hope”!

Shared ownership of this property by many good Christian ministries who do the work of God that Churches are not doing, not only fill the void, but provide a hub for all area Churches to join to do their part without the supervisory investment or liabilities, just join to serve and be their “Storehouse” that Malachi 3:10 says God’s tithes are to be invested in, “so there may be Meat in My House” to feed the Local poor and needy.

Mature Christian volunteers from local areas are needed for these “Campus” programs:

1. Hope Center…safe, warm shelter, showers, educational center, library, spiritual and academic classes, Post Office services, local telephone, personal items store, locker storage, addiction recovery classes, clothing distribution, job placement, case management, counseling, transportation help, a free Clinic for medical and dental needs, a total hub for the homeless to be treated with dignity, find peace and hope while being Fed, Clothed, hear the Gospel, and trained as Disciples with Life Skills to contribute to society.

2. Winter Bed and Breakfast… November 1 to March 1, during the brutal 120 days of winter, Churches and Synagogues who will partner with us, will rotate nights at the Hope Center have volunteers feed them a good hot meal, provide unconditional love and Christian fellowship, monitor them overnight to insure order and safety, a shower the next morning, hot breakfast, and get them ready to face the day with new hope.
The need is great. This service “pulls” the homeless population to this “hub” exposing them to all the other rehabilitative opportunities and services that the Campus offers without pressure.

3. Guest House…the Campus of Hope has a special secured section and trained staff to unconditionally, lovingly and patiently provide temporary accommodations for “Guests”, persons under the influence of drugs or alcohol who would normally be arrested and processed through the criminal justice system, a process that takes an average of 4 hours of a policeman’s valuable time, as well as the valuable time of the judiciary, saving several hundreds of thousands of tax dollars to jail, house and feed chronic alcoholics.

“Guests” are surrounded by staff skilled in Alcohol and Drug rehabilitation, who encourage the guests to get help through their programs. Many souls are healed and restored through this program. What an excellent place to offer opportunity to enter the Layman Lessons Residential Christian Discipleship Training, to overcome addiction. The “feeder” program of Guest House is a natural ministry partner for Layman Lessons. Of course if a person rejects the opportunity to enter a rehabilitation program, they are free to leave when they have spent enough time to regain sobriety and function normally with no risk to themselves or others.

4. Alcohol & Drug Case Management…Campus of Hope Case Management will of course offer Layman Lessons Residential Christian Discipleship Training to overcome addiction. Some people are not a good fit with the Layman Lessons programs. Case Management is about determining the rehabilitation option that fits best each case. Campus referrals to other rehabilitation options depend greatly upon the attitude and realities of the individual needing help. After completion of the chosen treatment program, a Campus case manager works with the person in a supportive environment to secure regular full time work, learning to budget money, obtaining education (GED), and eventually getting into their own housing.

Again, Layman Lessons Re Entry program will be offered to those that fit it well. The Celebrate Recovery, 12 step Alcoholics Anonymous program and Oxford House programs are other options for long-term support or after Layman Lessons Discipleship program completion.
National studies have proven that Rehabilitation programs of less than 3 months are colossal failures, whereas a majority of those completing rehabilitation programs of 6+ months are successful. Case Management is vital to long term success.

5. Medical Respite Center…just imagine for a moment two very painful personal situations:
A. Being discharged from the hospital with a major medical problem and having no place to go…your only option as a homeless person is the street, in extreme weather, living in constant terror that at any time you could be robbed, beaten to death, or killed for your meager possessions.

The Medical Respite Center offers the medically fragile homeless person a place to recover from an illness such as bronchitis, pneumonia, HIV/AIDS, cirrhosis, diabetes, gastrointestinal bleeding, cancer, heart disease, post-surgical recovery, and trauma/assault. A Registered nurse will be on duty 24/7 and a Case Manager determines their personal needs to provide education and help with transitional needs and issues. B. Spending weeks in that room totally alone while recovering physically knowing nobody cares about you.

What an opportunity for Judeo – Christian volunteers to encourage and make a difference by investing a couple of hours a week visiting and ministering to the sick, to be the hands and feet of Jesus to each one.
6. Education… how about a private Christian School for those at most risk, who need to be immersed in Christian Training in order to break generational poverty curses, overcome poor parenting, or no parents?
Campus of Hope Christian School…preschool through 12th grade, and separate Adult School for those parents, a true “shining city on a hill” as Jesus commanded us to be in Matthew 5:14-15…

“You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden; 15nor does anyone light a lamp and put it under a basket, but on the lampstand, and it gives light to all who are in the house.”

NOBODY left behind” education for all poor and needy, including children to break cycles of generational poverty, hatred, abuse, entitlement, violence…education starts with wisdom from God.

Special education for the disabled mentally or physically, all education must be provided to provide Hope to all people. At any time “any spark” of encouragement can make all the difference in turning a life around. During these classes many times the “spark” of achievement suddenly creates self- confidence and a small spark of encouragement fuels courage to risk failure for the chance to improve their quality of life.

Each step taken creates new resolve and confidence. No “one size fits all” approach works, but a balance of many approaches we have proven works miracles when God is in it.

· Celebrate Recovery classes, whether addiction is involved or not a Homeless person needs to Celebrate Recovery from Homelessness, all the trauma, depression, and self- condemnation.What an opportunity for Judeo Christians to lead this Celebration with those in Recovery!

· Literacy classes, on computer, teach reading and writing in a “life skill” format that teaches computer training also as a result. Adult reading and writing basic skills are vital to survival today.
· GED classes, on computer, get the homeless ready for their GED test, enabling them to pursue jobs that pay higher wages that require a high school education.

Bible Classes…group classes that showcase incredibly bright minds, articulate and eager to learn more about God and Experience God in a personal love relationship that is the only Hope of us all. The interactive classes bring out the best in every person involved, builds a right foundation for self esteem based on God and not ourselves, provides great spiritual growth, blessing every individual who attends, whether homeless, Campus staff, or volunteer.

· Creative Writing classes provide improved skills, but are also great outlets for persons that have been beaten down, truly “poor in spirit” and oppressed.
· Art classes are also terrific outlets and self -esteem builders. The art is often incredibly good.

7. General Store…personal grooming items taken for granted by Americans are considered as prizes to the homeless. A points system allows homeless persons to accumulate points for attending and participating in education classes, or any of the programs at the Campus, as rewards. These points allow homeless persons to redeem razors, shampoo, toothpaste and tooth brushes, lotions, caps, pantyhose, etc. at the General Store using the points. This provides small steps to reward a work ethic, achievement, to build independence.

8. Post Office…homeless persons have no address to receive mail. The Campus provides a Post Office so the homeless can use the Campus mailing address with a personal code (i.e. Apt 0831) with the apartment number being the month and day of their birthday, in order to send and receive mail, particularly vital for job acquisition…it is hard to get a job without a home address to put on the application.

9. Job Placement…constant assistance to the homeless to find and keep good jobs requires volunteers to find cooperative business persons willing to extend opportunities to those who really want to help themselves. Programs exist to employ the chronic homeless and disabled are available to Any City, USA that needs employment opportunities for homeless.

10. Case Manager…staff and volunteers assist with “Intake” assessments which document the needs, circumstances, skills, and abilities of homeless individuals through personal interviews at the Campus. Case managers work on behalf of the homeless individual to advocate on their behalf, to secure all available services and opportunities to maximize the quality of life and support each homeless person seeking help.

11. Homeless Advocacy…who will champion the cause of the downtrodden, the poor in spirit, the unlovable, those who have nothing to give in return for your time? Campus of Hope is committed to “share the blessing” Christ gave mankind with their personal sacrificial life of service that Jesus himself modeled. The commitment is to advocate for those who cannot advocate for themselves. Statistics tell us a great many working Americans are within just a few paychecks of being homeless.

12. Mental Health Treatment … the vast majority of homeless persons have “serious and persistent mental health issues”, which can be overcome with appropriate treatment and care.
Mental Health is often an issue of chemical imbalance caused by serious trauma and stress that depletes certain chemicals, which medication can correct in order to give nature time to rebalance an individual through environmental change, counseling, relief of stress and trauma, education, case management.

Anxiety and Depression normal with Mental Health trauma/stress circumstances are the prominent triggers in most cases of Alcohol and Drug Abuse…in fact they are the prominent triggers of most addiction types.
Would people thinking clearly CHOOSE to live on the streets in the brutal elements if they had a choice? That question alone should speak volumes to those of us with compassion.

We believe in appropriate medication for those who need it, without guilt trips linking spiritual issues with chemical issues. Mental Health screenings and professional treatment are the answer to helping the homeless…not condemnation.

13. Medical Center… we travel around the world to give free Medical help to the poor and needy. On the Campus of Hope, we can do it for Americans in great need, and at great risk, right in our own backyard! Faith Based Family Medical Center is a perfect example we need to clone to be at our Campus of Hope.
14. PRAYER, PRAISE AND WORSHIP CENTER… NO PREACHING. Enter into HIS gates with Thanksgiving, then into HIS courts with Praise, all for the main thing…Worship. An hour of Praise and Worship and a “Sweet Hour of Prayer”. One on one time with God Jehovah and our Lord Jesus Christ.

Preachers, Pastors, Priests, all are welcome to our Campus of Hope Church Sabbath services, where the main things, are the only things, as it is in heaven. There is no preaching in heaven.
Layman Lessons Church…Saturday morning services, open to the entire nation as an example to the entire nation.

15. Malachi 3:10 STOREHOUSE…”Bring the tithes into the STOREHOUSE so there is MEAT in my House” yet Churches have no such storehouse and there is no “meat in God’s House” which God clearly meant to feed the local poor and needy in HIS name to share and show HIS love for mankind to DRAW attention and Glory to God. Sadly this is not done for whatever reason(s) in “The Church” today.

We function as instructed to be a New Testament Church. “The Church” can unite with us to share this Food Distribution Warehouse and Distribution Center for the truly Poor and Needy. It utilizes the existing massive truck docks and warehouse center with the massive commercial cold food storage capacity with both walk in Freezers and walk in Refrigerated coolers, a perfect facility to bring in our Tractor Trailer loads of donated food from across the nation arranged and organized by great laymen like our Board Member Ken Jakes, owner of Ellis Jakes Produce, who arranges hundreds of thousands of pounds of food annually for us to provide to the poor and needy across America.

SUMMARY…Campus of Hope can truly be the uniting facility that carries out God’s commands as HE gifts and calls each separate Ministry to accomplish in HIS name, for HIS glory, HIS honor, His purposes.
It only requires Christians obeying God who refuse to care who gets the credit in the eyes of men.

The vision is clear. Funding to acquire the Campus of Hope, restore it with contemporary technology infrastructure, convert each Ministry section as they need to deliver their calling to serve as God leads, and follows Matthew 6:19-21…”19 Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal: 20 But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal: 21 For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.
When hearts are on God’s treasure instead of our personal treasure, the Campus of Hope will function.


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