January 29, 2011



Justin Franks, Master Craftsman in construction, shows his son Noah how Christian men serve the Homeless, by Feeding the Hungry, as they carried plates of food to the 100+ full house of Homeless.

Noah Franks from Judson Baptist Church

Noah Franks from Judson Baptist Church gets hands on training in Feeding the Hungry, Clothing the Naked!

Jeff LaBorg

Yes, that is Jeff LaBorg on the left, and Richard Gay on the right, both leading Homeless men to making Professions of Faith, to change ther lives to living for God instead of for themselves. 8 Homeless saved today of the 15 Repenters answering the Altar

Call…what a God!
Below, Justin Franks prays with Seekers while Clyde Beavers prays with 5 seekers, after singing with Martha Pfeil to open our service.

Martha Pfeil

Chris from Judson Baptist

Chris from Judson Baptist serves while Chuck Klusener from Christ Church resupplies the serving pans from his cooking area. Ben Floyd brought his friend from Nashville Auto Diesel College, pictured with a tray of 2 hot food plates he is hustling out to the Homeless seated.

Homeless and Hopeless

Homeless and Hopeless, this brother is moved that he got great clothes that fit, and snazzy new shoes with his underwear and grooming items…all because people like YOU care to provide them from your surplus to Share the Blessing.


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