Financial – IRS EIN 56-2209129 approved 501c3 since 2001 – Treasurer David Hairston, CPA, email


Please note the IRS link and statement below, that Churches are NOT required to file information with the IRS, so Layman Lessons Church and Welcome Baptist Church ceased filing information with the IRS in 2007. This guarantees privacy of our Directors, Board Members, Donors, and Church business we diligently protect, with only our Board members and Directors having full access to all financial records. NOTE…NO PAID STAFF since 2001. TOTAL OPERATION EXPENSES $32,000 annually!

Filing Requirements
Generally, tax-exempt organizations must file an annual information return ( Form 990 or Form 990-EZ). Tax-exempt organizations that have annual gross receipts not normally in excess of $25,000 ($50,000 for tax years ending on or after December 31, 2010) are not required to file the annual information return; they may be required to file an annual electronic notice, however. In addition, churches and certain church-affiliated organizations are excepted from filing.