Country Music Star Clyde Beavers lived the American dream with relentless passion he shared in every word of every song he wrote or sang, because every song was from his heart, and his heart was full.  Clyde recorded for Decca Records, Dot Records, and other labels in pursuit of his dream.


Clyde Beavers recorded the Japanese love song Sukiyaki, which became the #1 Hit Record on the Billboard Charts.  Clyde sang to America on Dick Clark’s American Band Stand television program, with a couple of musicians playing for him by the name of Ray Stevens and Jerry Reed, who became stars themselves.


Clyde Beavers made his living writing and singing songs… one of his favorites was “from a beggar to a king”, so we Salute Clyde Beavers now with that theme he loved so much, “from a beggar to a king”.  Watch Clyde Beavers’ amazing story in the video below.