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We believe “The Church” is defined as “a group of people called together for a special purpose”, not as an organization, doctrine, or Campus of  buildings, but as a living organism, with all Christians on planet earth being equal members of “The Church”, as God is “no respecter of persons”, with The Bible in its entirety, and the Holy Spirit, as our sole authorities of The Church, leading every Church Member in a direct personal relationship of service to God, as Friends and Family of God. 
Members of any local Church are members of “The Church” at large, thus members of any Church may serve in and/or through multiple local “Churches”, as led by the Spirit of God alone.  Thus Laymen do the work of The Church under direct calling and supervision of The Holy Spirit alone, with No Sovereign but God, and No King but Jesus. Christ alone is our only High Priest. 
Layman Lessons Church is a Church literally without walls, staff, or any paid leaders, but instead a 100% All Volunteer Army of Compassion, being God’s hands and feet to all mankind, serving God and Country in our beloved United States of America.
Layman Lessons Church and Welcome Baptist Church has 5 Missions since 2001
  • Feed the Hungry    (Our national network provides food for 100,000+ meals for the Poor monthly.)
  • Clothe the Naked    (Our survival rescue blankets we buy in bulk saves homeless lives each winter.)
  • Shelter the Homeless  (We triage homeless needs to dozens of partner ministries.)
  • Connect with God   (Mobile Church Services and by our websites’ Video Stream on Demand)
  • Train Disciples   (Our Founder Authored books, Documentaries, websites’ Video Streaming, Religious Education Programs, including being National Director of Christian Patriots & Patriot Pastor Training.)
Feeding, Clothing, Sheltering, Connect with God (which means “Good News”) is unconditional because God Jehovah commands we who serve Him, serve others unconditionally.
Training Disciples is conditional to honor one’s commitment to obey God’s Terms and Conditions in The Holy Bible.
This includes God’s commands for self governing our nation according to HIS instructions, to appoint only proven, able, Godly leaders, then supervise them to insure God’s ways are followed for our nation, so “The Church” is “Salt and Light” in our local area & nation first, so we can be Salt and Light to the entire world .
Therefore Layman Lessons Church has several Religious Education Programs registered with the State of Tennessee to do be “Salt and Light”…
American Constitution
(Christian Patriots.US, Patriot Pastors.US, Patriot Pastors of Tennessee.US)
Blue Wing (Christian Publishing)
25:35 CLUB (based upon Matthew 25:35)