Who We Are


With NO PAID STAFF since 2001, we currently (2020) procure and provide $9 million annually in DONATED food and bottled vitamin water, serving as God’s hands and feet to unconditionally relieve the human suffering of countless Homeless and truly needy in Tennessee and in 24 total states coast to coast.

We developed our exclusive network of local and national faith based partners and supplied them from our local and national network of food donors, including USA Produce Farmers, 700 Club Operation Blessing, Feed The Children, Midwest Food Banks, Convoy of Hope, among hundreds of food donors trusting Layman Lessons Ministries because 99.9% of every donation goes directly IN or ON homeless and truly needy Americans.

In Nashville, TN our Mobile Church Ministry Teams serve six days weekly homeless living in hidden homeless camps in brutal conditions, delivering food boxes with 7-10 day supplies of food, drinks, conducting communion services, deliveringfull semi trailer loads and partial loads of DONATED food/drinks to those who feed homeless and truly needy, including Second Harvest Food Bank, Salvation Army, Nashville Rescue Mission, Feed America First, and dozens offaith based groups across Middle Tennessee.

In the USA we provide semi trailers of fresh produce to faith based food banks and Ministry groups in 24 states coast to coast, from Los Angeles homeless to Fargo North Dakota, to Navajo Indian Reservations in New Mexico and Arizona, to Texas, Louisiana, Florida, the entire east coast and Midwest, including flood victims in Norfolk, Nebraska, tornado victims in Tennessee and other states…24 total states coast to coast as of 2020.

Layman Lessons Ministries began in 2000, by Nashville Businessman Louie Johnston Jr., as Founder, Director, and when soon called of God into full time unpaid ministry became ordained Minister Louie Johnston Jr. of Nashville, TN, as Mr. Johnston quickly says “in spite of me, because I am of all men on earth the least qualified man to lead any Christian ministry.”  Since its founding, all that God has done through Layman Lessons has been done with NO PAID STAFF, including Louie Johnston Jr. who has always been a primary donor, never taken a dime for personal use or gain.

Layman Lessons Ministries in 2003 formally became Layman Lessons Inc. in Tennessee Founded by Louie Johnston Jr. In 2001 Welcome Baptist Church/Rescue Mission was obtained by Louie Johnston Jr who operated both the Tennessee non profit and the North Carolina Church/Rescue Mission. Layman Lessons Inc. served homeless in Tennessee and North Carolina before closing permanently in 2009 and formally dissolving on July 5, 2012. Louie Johnston Jr. then changed the name of the North Carolina Church to be Layman Lessons Church and Welcome Baptist Church and moved its office and much of its operations to Tennessee where it now serves 24 states coast to coast as of 2020.

Tennessee outdoor Church services started weekly in January, 2001 in downtown Nashville locations, using a Mobile Stage, tables and chairs for 150 homeless, a Mobile Clothing Store on a school bus, and feeding a hot banquet meal of donated food from his network of local restaurants and food stores, after the Church service concluded…this all volunteer Layman Lessons Church Ministry Team has served Homeless and Hopeless constantly since 2001. After 12 consecutive years of Louie Johnston Jr. leading weekly Street Church ministry feeding hot meals and having outdoor Church services, often in extreme heat and cold weather, over 8,770 documented Homeless souls had given their hearts to Christ.Less than 100 of those remained on the streets.

“Layman Lessons” began as a series of Christian books by Author Louie E. Johnston Jr., as “Lessons” straight from the Bible for every “Layman”. It grew from 2000 from personal ministry by Author, Founder, Funder, and Director Louie E. Johnston Jr. (see www.LouieJohnston.com). Louie has over 30 years experience serving people with Addictions, Homelessness, and serious Mental Illness, a unique combinations of skills from the Spiritual perspective, but as an MBA is also a nationally known expert in “best industry practices” in Behavioral Healthcare, designing and implementing State of the Art computer systems for Mental Health organizations that insured those best practices are followed. (see www.BlueWingUSA.com)

Layman Lessons Mobile Church obeys God’s 5 priorities for every Christian, to Feed the Hungry, Clothe the Naked, Shelter the Homeless, Connect with God, Train Disciples! Louie invested years in street ministry with Teen Challenge prior to Founding Layman Lessons Ministries.

His documentary “Operation Compassion,” seen on Fox and other national networks and affiliates, interviews Homelessness on the streets in Nashville, TN for the truth about the solution to homelessness.

Layman Lessons Ministriessole Mission and Purpose is serving God’s unconditional love to Feed the Hungry, Clothe the Naked, Shelter the Homeless, Connect with God, Train Disciples. Since 2001 we have done so in multiple cities and states, through our Rescue Missions, supervised shared housing, and through unique open air “Mobile Homeless Church” Street Ministries.

We also Connect with God and Train Disciples internationally through our Streaming Videos on our websites, www.LaymanLessons.org and several Religious Education Program websites. (see www.PatriotPastors.org and www.AmericanConstitutionCenter.org)

Layman Lessons…where nobody gets paid to do God’s work!